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Firefly Park

Firefly Park is an environmental design to capitalize on the existing overhang structures. This activates the space and attracts locals and visitors to relax throughout the day. The Cocoon inspired swings present an interactive element to the park and add a relaxing escape throughout the day. The illuminated swings add dynamic interest to the area.

Deployable Structure

Jolyn is a swimwear company whose target customers are athletic women and girls. Functional and fashionable, Jolyn is worn by celebrities and girls alike. They are especially known for their bright and angular swimsuits. Without a retail store Jolyn depends entirely on their online website and trade shows to sell their suits and does not have a recognizable display.

Creating a deployable structure that will give Jolyn the ability to expaned their customer base and create a notifiable, marketable brand that puts the product directly in the hands of the consumer.

VICE Cosmetics

VICE is a cosmetic brand that gives women freedom and confidence, while allowing them to support causes that aid individuals struggling with destructive vices in their daily lives.  A vice is an immoral behavior or habit.  VICE is a brand designed for confident, bold women ages 21-30 who express themselves through the use of makeup.  VICE is a unique brand in that it gives a percentage of its proceeds to organizations that aid individuals with vices such as alcoholism, drug abuse, obesity, eating disorders, tobacco use, and gambling.

Everyone has their vice - so what’s yours?


Projects while attending CSULB

Branding and Environmental Design
Apple Inc.
Comprehensive Site Plan for Apple's new site in Cupertino, California


Model Building
Models compleated while attending CSULB
-50:1 model of the CSULB Student Recreation     & Wellness Center
-3/4 =1'-0" Structural Detail Model
The model accurately shows all of the structural elements, and modeled realistically using texturing and painting techniques. 


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